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Dr. Id's 24 Hour Hotline

Things we want to share

Dr. Id is the self-help superhero who practiced in a parallel-universe 1970s while stranger-then-fiction fad therapies prevailed here in our world and fake professionals inherited the airwaves. We could have used him instead, so we created this helpful illustrated handbook.

A busy paranormal's work is never done, but in October it was finally published. Here are some peak experiences in Dr. Id's crowded schedule:

April 18-20, 2008: Dr. Id gets preferential treatment as a featured item exclusive to the satellite office of Jim Hanley's Universe when comics professionals and addicts mingle at the New York Comic Con. Check in at JHU's booth, #1613, for the finest in conventional and eccentric comics alike (though we have a professional bias).

March 5, 2008: Columnist Tyler Chin-Tanner examines the self-publishing syndrome at the prestigious online institution Broken Frontier in his weekly report, "Delusions of Grandeur"; this time, Paolo & Adam's psychohistory and future tendencies are studied, with flashbacks to Dr. Id's career and an exclusive premonition of their next project! Use our delusion at:

February 10, 2008: Steve Gerber, a patron saint of psychiatric comics, passes into the astral plane -- join some of the remembrances here.

Fall/Winter 2007: Dr. Id sets an example for accepting rejection when his comic loses the Ignatz to Adrian Tomine (while secretly coveting Tomine's dysfunctional characters as future patients -- but Adam & Paolo love you for you, man!). Still, as one door closes another opens: Dr. Id is in development as a TV series with Scout Productions, who brought you hits like Queer Eye! Now if only the doctor could get the Hollywood writers and producers to attend group...

September 13, 2007: Dr. Id clears space on his diploma wall with the announcement of his nomination in the "Outstanding Comic" category of America's leading indie-comic awards, the Ignatzes, to be voted on October 13 at the prestigious Small Press Expo (SPX)!

March 19, 2007: The collector's site ComicBase considers Dr. Id a worthy object of obsession in a brief prescription here:

March 5, 2007: In this case, it's healthy to turn a past conversation over in your mind -- but just once: The other site named Silver Bullet, from the gentle, Tolkien-loving land of New Zealand, gives Dr. Id one of his most favorable responses:

February 24, 2007: As moderator of the "'60s Marvel Bullpen" panel at New York Comic Con 2007, Adam probes some of the strongest personalities to influence Dr. Id: Writer Stan Lee, artist Gene Colan, inker Joe Sinnott, staffer Flo Steinberg, and editor Ralph Macchio!

February 7, 2007: Adam's current hometown paper rules him fit for ordinary society in the profile here.

December 2006: Pop scholar and meta-merchant Bill Boichel gives Dr. Id much more than a pitch at his Copacetic Comics Company site here.

November 27, 2006: The panel of experts at leading podcast Comic Geek Speak agree that Dr. Id should be prescribed for the general public. Hear the review in the "Off the Rack" section of Episode 204 here (and come back at least once a week for intensive critical treatments here).

November 24, 2006: Dr. Id is among those separated from the group and shown partial treatment in Johanna Draper Carlson's Project: Romantic report:

November 21, 2006: Independent Propaganda's words of encouragement are just what the doctor ordered in the evaluation from reviewer Matt Bucher here:

November 6, 2006: Wesley Craig Green analyses Adam on the soundness of self-publishing at the irrefutable Independent Propaganda web site:

October 27, 2006: Dr. Id receives positive reinforcement in the confidence-building's review:

October 25, 2006: Dr. Id comes to a comic store near you! Line up outside now; we'll try to send coffee!

October 18, 2006: Indy authority Ryan McLelland reads Dr. Id at SPX and finds himself a changed man, giving a clean bill of mental health to the book in his influential column at, which causes some of the biggest stirs in comic-scholarship circles; audit or make your own point at

October 17, 2006: Dr. Id passes the intelligence test of a very approving Comics Journal Online review at:

October 16, 2006: The ineffable Neilalien traces Dr. Id's genetics to a certain other four-color mystic on his devotional fansite, with much approval for the incarnation at hand (go to and scroll down, or click the October 2006 link at the archive, come November:

October 15, 2006: Dr. Id is big in Nova Scotia, thanks to the manager of the Strange Adventures store there -- look for the doctor under the prescribed reading for this date at the blog address below -- it's called All This and Earth-2, but we think it's all that:

Oct. 15, 2006, replayed: North Carolina's Silver Bullet Comics store sells Dr. Id and also hates it; that's the kind of independence you could spend years on the couch reinforcing, so click over and show the, er, love.

October 13, 2006: The full Dr. Id comic debuts at the Indie Ink table at the Small Press Expo (SPX) in Maryland ( with a special pre-sale before our in-store date shortly after. Stop by and free associate!

'Nother October 13, 2006: The doctor makes his first full-color appearance in AdHouse Books' Project: Romantic anthology, also at SPX ( Explore top creators' postmodern take on classic romance comics, and thrill to Dr. Id's attempts at couples counseling in the short saga "Significant Shrinkage"!

Stop the Presses! (October 11) …or start them, that is -- the distributor gets so goal-oriented that Dr. Id opens the session in stores worldwide today instead of two weeks later. Unconditioned response is good and we have many supportive reporters and retailers to thank for our immediate recovery! Check in at a local comic store and don't listen to the voices in our "October 25" entry above.

Also October 11, 2006: If there are no coincidences, then Jennifer M. Contino's lengthy Dr. Id interview feature the same day as our early release is one of them! Check the transcript at

And bear in mind Johanna Draper Carlson's free-thinking mixed review at

October 4, 2006: Dr. Id stands up for free samples with an entry in the Fall Preview issue of the industry's most prominent critical bulletin and consumer guide, the no-cost Comic Shop News; visit almost any comic store or and see why it was one of our favorite news and opinion sources even before we were biased.

September 27, 2006: Dr. Id is indexed in the trusted Comics Journal's Small Press Expo 2006 Preview ad section (pro bono!), issue #278; devote further study to the medium's longest-running reference work at:

September 21, 2006: Paolo and Adam speak (in tongues) with Italy's prominent Comicus website (intro,; feature,; English version now available on our Press page)!

September 17, 2006: Dr. Id receives a reliable second opinion from real-life physician Scott Morrison at his definitive blog on those who play doctors on television and in other pop media, Polite Dissent:

September 15, 2006: Dr. Id earns impressive credentials from Don MacPherson, co-founder of the influential Fourth Rail website, at his new observation post Eye on Comics:

September 7, 2006: Adam regresses to his childhood with a memoir of his hometown (or at least its area code) among the back-page reader reminiscences in the sixth issue of Brian Wood & Ryan Kelly's brilliant cross-country comics drama Local; look up their current whereabouts at:

August 13, 2006: Dr. Id gets a favorable prognosis from one of comics' most respected authorities, Johanna Draper Carlson, on her Comics Worth Reading site:

July 26, 2004: Diamond PREVIEWS, the definitive manual of comics diagnosis, honors Dr. Id with a prestigious "Spotlight" listing in its August issue. Thanks for the validation to Diamond's savvy sales team and our distinguished rep Dylan Lange!

July 24, 2006: Comics reporter-of-record Jen Contino posts a Dr. Id preview at the must-read Pulse page (in the right-hand margin links, under the date just mentioned):

July 21, 2006: The doctor is recognized by his peers with a thoughtful spotlight in the respected professional forum Newsarama by Benjamin Ong Pang Kean, reporting on the rest of us in Part 6 of his epic "San Diego Comic-Con 2006 Non-Panel Panel Report":

July 20-23, 2006: A limited-edition ashcan of the Dr. Id comic previews at the Tetragrammatron Press booth (#1221) at the mythic San Diego Comic Convention. (

(In addition to the links above, view a few full reports of our encounters with the media at the Press page.)

Dr. Id

Coming in October 2006: One-shot, black & white, 32 pages, $2.95 from Indie Ink

(Look for it in the August Diamond PREVIEWS and ask your local comic-shop to order it)

Comic Shop Locator Service:
1-888-COMICBOOK (1-888-266-4226)

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