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The next figments of our imagination, coming soon from Indie Ink Studios! (All concepts and content © and TM 2006 -- plagiarists, take note; publishers and merchandisers, take a meeting...)

Nightworld: Tragic romance and allegorical fisticuffs with an insomniac ensemble of sci-fi saints and demons. Created by Paolo Leandri, developed by Paolo & Adam. Sample pages for Issue #1

The Urban Legend of Idoru Jones: Dystopian metaphysical thrills with a young man and his digital djinni in a near-future of private enchantment and mass illusion. Created by Adam McGovern & Paolo Leandri. Sample pages for Episodes 1 and 2

The Wild Ones: Rogue polluters vs. intelligent circus animals in an adventure torn from today's headlines and maybe an old Flipper episode. Created by Paolo Leandri, developed by Paolo & Adam. Sample pages for Issue #1

And from other collaborators:

Pitbull: He's a fallen boxing champ and a failed father -- but he's got one last chance to lose it all. Written and drawn by Paolo Parisi, translated by Andrea Plazzi & Adam McGovern. (Graphic novel for mature readers; sample pages PG-13)

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