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Comics 'n' culture we feel is in your own best interest

We're all individuals, and Dr. Id wants you to sample as wide a range of experience as you can. No one has all the answers, so you can benefit from the pop perspectives of these other experts in free expression. We recommend the following comics to read and websites to trawl -- there's time enough to leave the house later, but for now we wouldn't want you to rush into anything...

Supernatural Law: Batton Lash's beloved, long-running sit-comic about the attorneys whose clients are even scarier than the average lawsuit threat. Meet the lawyers who represent misunderstood monsters, mythic beasts, and paranormal perps. Take our advice, you want every issue and paperback collection to get their side of the story... and if you don't believe us, the charm and sly wit of the web comic will lock you in its gaze and make you do its bidding. All rise:

Action Philosophers!: If you'd stuck this comic inside your philosophy textbook, you might have aced the exams and had a plan for living. A complete-idiot's-style guide to the great ideas of the last few millennia that's sheer genius in the witty way it's done. Start getting it here:

Von Shollywood: In the haunted hills of this alternate Tinseltown, pictures don't lie -- they're downright delusional. Pete Von Sholly creates the A-list of B-movie homages with his computer-designed photo-comics of giant-monster invasions and knucklehead saviors that have you rooting for the giant monsters. There's also surrealist paintings, faux fan mags that do for comics-readers what Dr. Id does for comics themselves, and generally more than one human mind can hold. You try for a while at:

Gødland: A high-speed rocket chase through the American Hallucination of mystic technology and interstellar tourism. If talking extraterrestrial dogs, living cosmic totems, cynical superheroes, secret societies, evil billionaires addicted to drugs that don't exist and answers to the origin of the universe are your cup of anabolic latte, click here:

Caveman Robot: The cuddly hydraulic hominid who's swung down from the pop mythopoeic family tree to protect us all. Moonlighting art-scholars Jason Bell & Shoshanna Weinberger and a growing tribe of artisans bring you the exploits of this postmodern storybook hero in comic-books, short films, musicals, collectibles and anything else the pulp collective unconscious leaves behind in the apartment of their dreams. Let's all chant:

Psychotherapy Live!: Learn how to schedule public visiting hours with the hilarious reality-theater version of psychiatric care that four out of five performance artists recommend. Work out your issues in the intimacy of a large theater instead of one of those crass national TV audiences. Dr. Lisa Levy, psychiatrist in her own mind, administers uncontrollable levity in a structured setting. Check yourself in:

Modern Ruins: For the side of psychotherapy you can't look back and laugh at, visit the photographic ghosts of the once-great Greystone Park mental hospital at this site -- the real thing still partially stands in the same town as Dr. Id's writer (who also still partially stands), and Modern Ruins' host Phil Buehler means to save its structure and its memory (whichever lasts longer). Lots of other great industrial and institutional remains at this site. Sneak in:

Hoobellatoo: Co-run by our webmaster, this site collects field recordings from the ignored American hinterland -- including singing merchant seamen, dead and kickin' poets, bluesmen whose money ended up in Elvis' estate and hair-raising spirituals singers as old as eight Britneys. Not exactly comics-related, but a kindred American original with folk-culture to burn -- and we simulated psychic professionals have to respect others' research. The way back:

Big Bang: A private universe of comics that might have been, envisioned by creators Gary Carlson and Chris Ecker with a host of expert stylistic impersonators and re-innovators. The shoulders that Dr. Id, The Escapist and much other meta-retro stands on. Remember it happened here:

Mary Ann Farley: Smart-aleck '70s nostalgists can't live by comics alone -- there's also power-pop to stick in the time machine's stereo, and this artist brings the right street-folk skepticism to the sweet strings and subliminal hooks to match our own method of suspicious enthusiasm. An early sponsor of Id and high on his list of preferred pop-culture providers; start some good listening at:

Adrenaline: Movie-serial perils get reanimated for the reality-video era in this smart adventure about an amoral media mogul milking the desperate measures of global have-nots for extreme sports challenges on first-world flatscreens. Underemployed war veterans, needy backwoods doctors and aimless youths play for high-stakes purses, and cultural tensions are played for stinging laughs, in a smart blockbuster with timeless thrills and five-minutes-from-now insight. Not everyone's a superhero, but like it or not, everyone's now a star -- put down the cape & cowl and spend at least 15 minutes here: Cogent reviews on a diverse range of four-color specimens, including occasional reports by Dr. Id's supervisor Adam McGovern; get a second opinion on your favorites here:

$teve Pri¢e (yes, that's how he writes it): Quick-thinking but endlessly clever, the hilarious parables in Price's Karmikaze, Princess of Payback are an analyst-level example of working through problems and taking responsibility. Price's gifted cartooning and wordplay can be loved for itself in whatever form it takes, and many more are approachable at his website. Form an attachment here:

And don't lose sight of Dr. Id's Positive Influence of the Month.

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